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Two Coaching Levels

The first level deals with day to day interaction whether housekeeping, communication, or intimacy.  Here is where most couples get snagged and argue.  Batting the incident back and forth like a tennis match, they argue more and more.   We examine negative patterns and provide tools to create peace.  Then we look deeper.

The second level uncovers deeper issues.  Most couples assume they argue about the circumstance, “You forgot to call!” but they are reacting to underlying issues like rejection dragged to the surface by the circumstances. By dealing with rejection and not the lack of a phone call, we avoid the argument and move the relationship into growth.

Here are examples of deeper issues: rejection, respect, trust, jealousy, insecurity, anger, criticism, fear, and feeling unheard.  Let’s say husband forgets to call and his wife feels rejected. The missed call triggered rejection that was already there.  If they argue over the missed call, no one wins.  If they talk out the rejection, they grow as a team.  The process applies to money, sex, criticism and more.  When issues get triggered by circumstances like the missed phone call, they surface and cause a fuss.  Through coaching you uncover and learn to deal with the issues so they can no longer fuel frustration.

If communication causes conflict in your marriage, consider Marriage Coaching.  Call 626-676-3651 or click contact above.

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