Tips for the HSP

For the HSP

Guard against over arousal. Protect yourself from getting too frustrated and learn to pace your day. When you sense frustration, remove yourself for five minutes.

Oasis. Find a safe quiet place to recharge. During a family gathering or a busy work day, get away to recoup for five minutes. Keep a refreshing photo on your desk or computer screen, and

Go There Create a peaceful place in your mind such as a beach scene and meditate when you feel overwhelmed.

Reject guilt over being an HSP. Your sensitivities are real and not imagined. You possess a proved genetic temperament. Don’t feel guilty and don’t carry responsibility for all you see. If someone is rude, it is not your fault and burden to fix it.

Take care of yourself. Sleep and eat well, avoid overstimulation, and know your limits. You need not be involved in everything. For example, at a party you need not get involved in every conversation, fix the furniture, or adjust the lights.

Slow down the ruminating. Avoid reflecting on every subtlety you sense. You can let some things go by telling yourself it is not your responsibility.

For the couple

Dialogue about a misunderstanding by allowing each to talk for ten minutes without interruption, correction, or criticism. Next, compare notes to see where you do not mesh. If tensions arise, cool it for at least 20 minutes. Learn to stand your ground without being rude. The HSP should not cave in and the non-HSP should not force his/her viewpoint.

Learn from each other. Share your unique perspectives, learn from each other and how to stretch yourself.

Change. Do not demand change; the key is to grow more like each other. This draws you closer and creates compatibility.

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