Money & Marriage

“You spend too much.” “Why can’t you save?” “Why’s your credit card so high!?” “You need to bring in someincome!”

Money still holds the number one spot in marriage arguments. It stirs strife instantly and help is constantly avoided. But when a husband and wife get down to the business of talking money, the fixes flow.  Here are some money marriage tips.

One. Talk and tell the truth. Stop the avoidance and talk. Be honest, too. Start from scratch, agree that no one will get furious at the other.  Each lay out your thoughts on finances.

Two.   Attend a short financial seminar together. The other guy says it best.  A planner can tell you you fail to save, spend too much, and have no plan with more success that your spouse. Find a local one night seminar and attend it together.

Three. Build a strategy. Agree to a figure, say 8% of your combined income, to save. Discuss holidays and future events like weddings and college and set goals.  Talk over future projects like remodeling the house. Give this third step time, it won’t happen in one session. Map out what you should save for each event.

Four. Action plan. Write out steps to reach your goals. Fifty dollars a month for daughter’s wedding, take lunch to work and save that money for wife’s birthday.

Five. Kill credit card debt. Decided to pay down the cards and only charge what you can pay off in a month’s billing cycle.

These five steps will get you started. Get a good book or two and read it together. Try The Millionaire Next Door or Automatic Millionaire. These are exciting and inspiring books that will motivate and get you on the same page.  And drop us a line with any questions.

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